Michael Sadler RBSA

I am an elected member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. My work is held in public and private collections in the UK and EU. 

I am an abstract painter. In my work I eschew  those discernible elements or forms in which the viewer could readily find their counterparts within the world around us. I am not an artist whose work is totally non-referential. The titles of my paintings are always based on single words or short phrases that relate to external stimuli or particular phenomena  that can be directly connected to our lived experiences. My aim is to produce work that creates its own credible abstract reality. 

My most recent paintings are the Harlequin series, some of which appear on this page. These arose from a chance encounter with a butterfly during lockdown. 

Colour is fundamentally important to me both in the  construction of each painting and in the way that the elements within the work are differentiated, while at the same time its usage enables me to create a connecting narrative across each painting in the series.





The early satellite paintings were made of few visual elements; gradually, as the series progressed, complexity of shape and form increased, mirroring their real- world namesakes.



My Binary series focusses on the dramatic relationship between two stellar objects, considering what holds them together, what elements bond them to each other, and the uniqueness of their situation.


In 2012, Venus transited the Sun; the next transit will not be until December 2117. This event formed the starting point for the Transit series of paintings in which a physical transition is clearly visible across the central  section of each work.

Billow. Sailing By. Regatta

My formative years were spent on the south coast of England, living within hearing distance of the shore.  The shipping forecast and its technical language became second nature to me.  Annual regattas were a traditional feature of my youth.


My Delta paintings were developed after having studied colour-enhanced satellite photos of river delta systems. These are free interpretations, not based on specific deltas, with each painting having two underlying geometric deltas through which the composite delta system flows.

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